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Retire the spreadsheets and weight charts. Sportscale has automated the process of monitoring athlete weights. Whether tracking weights for hydration assessments or for body mass changes, Sportscale is a game-changer for athletic trainers, fitness professionals, and sport nutritionists. An annual subscription to Sportscale Web will deliver time-saving features with a few easy clicks and our patented Sportscale System is the ultimate solution.


With an annual subscription to Sportscale Web, your organization will have access to our advanced weight-tracking software. Sportscale Web provides our complete set of time-saving web-based features for comprehensive weight management. All subscriptions come with a BONUS app, Sportscale Mobile, for easy access to your data whether on the field or in the gym.

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The Sportscale has made weigh-ins and weigh-outs easy!

"Before the Sportscale, I was wasting so much time recording weights and trying to keep up with weight changes and that affected my time for treating patients. Now, I am able to do pre- and post-practice treatments without being distracted by collecting athlete weights. The Sportscale has truly helped me use my time better and give more care to my patients."

Hallie Sayre, MAT, ATC; Athletic Trainer, South Central HS


The days of paper records, clipboards, and spreadsheets are over! Our innovative products improve your efficiency, productivity, and importantly, help you keep your athletes safe.

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